Sharjah Airport


1. I was to create a schedule of the Sharjah Airport flight schedule. I had to distinguish the importance of every piece of information and separate it from one another, while still keeping it all connected. First I had to use Univers 55 and consider the leading, orientation and spacing.


2. Keeping in mind the leading, orientation and spacing, I had to add weight, line and type size into the mix.


3. I then had to consider colour and plane. I experimented with different types of colours and decided that I would use orange in monotone.


4. Orange was too sore for the eyes as it is a really warm colour. So I decided to go with a cool colour.


5. I decided to give some aspects a 3D effect while others lay flat. This way when I connect the elements together in one page; you can distinguish the different pieces of information while still keeping it connected. This is a close up of the final outcome.


6. This is the final outcome of the schedule, which I had to print it on an A2 paper, so all the information would be visible