Golden Section


1. Using the golden section I had to divide the page into many different segments. From there I had to make as many modules as I can. I then decided to use the module shown here for the final pattern.


2. I made different patterns out of the module. I used many different dimensions to see how several of the patterns would look like at smaller or larger sizes.


3. I settled on a 2 cm square per module 

on a 36 cm by 36 cm square as whole. 

From there I tried out different patterns.


4. I then worked with colour, since I had three options of the three different complementary colours, I tried all three.


5. As well as the complementary colours I also played around with how it looks like monotone, but with different shades of that colour.


6. For the final, I picked purple and yellow, as I decided it suited my pattern the most. I had to make a warm, cool and neutral version of the pattern in three steps. These are the first two steps of the Cool tone.


7. The final step of Cool.


8. The first two steps of Warm.


9. The final step of Warm.


10. The first two steps of Neutral.


11. The final step of Neutral.